The only Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) chamber in Bali. WBC is one of the best modern methods that has been implemented to optimise hormonal balance, endorphin production, reduce inflammation, and improve recovery times after exercise or injury - and a host of other benefits.
Immerse yourself in our WBC chamber, supplied by the no.1 manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers in the world (Zimmer, IceLab), and feel the effects for yourself.

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Floatation Tanks

In keeping with our ethos, we have sourced the highest quality floatation tanks currently available, manufactured by the industry leader, Floatlab.
Floatation tanks, or sensory deprivation tanks are one of the modern answers to enhance meditation and deep relaxation. Removing the effects of sensory stimulus on our bodies (including gravity), has been shown to aid with an increasing number of ailments, optimise performance, and produce a rejuvenating response from the body in general. It has also been shown to aid in entering deep states of meditation.

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Hyperbaric Chambers (HBOT)

Whilst undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), the air pressure can be increased to three times normal. Under these conditions the body absorbs more oxygen, which helps to fight bacteria, heal wounds, stimulate production and release of growth factors, and even stem cells. This, amongst a host of other benefits helps to promote anti-ageing, restorative, and healing effects. It has also been shown to be an effective clinical treatment for a number of serious conditions and injuries.

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Infrared Sauna

Infra-red light is essential for humans to attain optimal health. Combining the benefits of a regular dry sauna with the infra-red light therapy has become a well known way of producing some very powerful, health promoting effects. Fat loss, release of stored toxins, waste, and heavy metals from the cells, improved appearance of skin and cellulite, and enhanced recovery are some (but not all) of the benefits.

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Sound Dome Sauna

Designed with a phi-ratio (golden ratio) curve, The Istana’s proprietary Sound Dome resonates and vibrates as people chant or sing inside of it. The herbal steam permeating the room adds another layer to the experience. The Sound Dome is a place for meditation, sound healing, and jams.

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Hot and Cold Plunge Pools

Hot and cold therapy (also known as contrast therapy) has been used throughout history to treat a number of ailments, and is also a great way to relax, unwind, and connect in a beautiful setting.

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Experience our luxury spartan design ethos, combined with the natural beauty and breathtaking sea view.. The site was designed to have options fit for backpackers and billionaires alike.

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Our spa facilities have been designed to be a complement to all the practices that take place on site. Detox, optimize health and performance, or just soak in the good company and beauty of the natural setting.

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Infinity pool

Swim and enjoy the world-class view from our beautiful infinity pool. Sunbathe, lounge, and read on our daybeds and sun loungers.

Meditation Hall

The Istana was primarily built as a place to meditate. Our facilities include a meditation hall, which will both be open to the community for group sits, and also host workshops, long-term courses, and retreats.

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Cliffside Yoga Shala

Enjoy sunrise and sunset yoga sessions whilst the sea breeze blows into our open yoga shala.

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Cliff Lounge

Enjoy the sea view, stargaze, and sip on fresh juices from the comfort of our oversized daybed and the deck of our cliff-side lounge.

Cliffside Firepit

Humans have congregated around fires for longer than history records. At The Istana, we feel that this primal activity is still one of the best ways to connect and build community. Join us and enjoy group meditations, live music, and the late-night intimate, fireside setting.


With the stunning backdrop of the Uluwatu cliff-face as the setting, we want our kitchen to be a place that emphasizes healthy, hearty, and fun food. Stocked with natural options for vegans and meat-eaters alike, there should be something on our menu for connoisseurs interested in a natural but delicious experience.

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Cinema Room & Library

Library by day, cinema room by night. Enjoy our drinks, selection of books, or join one of our movie screenings.

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Dining Room

Our health-based menu is also available from our rustic dining room. Spend the day enjoying the view from our large family table.

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Zen Gardens

Bamboo, monoliths, lava stone, and lemongrass are some of the ingredients we combined to create the DNA of our site. A feature for the meditators to enjoy during, or between practice.